Tuesday, September 15, 2009

School and such.

I miss you all so very very much. School is going good. I am enjoying my classes. They will definitely keep my busy. Which is a good thing. I might, might being a key word, be getting over my homesickness. My roommates are amazing. We are constantly laughing. I love them.

My classes are going great. I love my Broadcasting class. Robin... Its all about pod casting! Woo hoo! I will definitely be prepared for January. My PR writing class is very interesting and fun. I think I will definitely enhance my writing skills. I am slightly nervous for my Flash class. It is an enhanced web design class. The teacher is just all over the place, but I am excited to learn more about web design. It will definitely require studying and learning on my own. :) My research class is going to be very interesting. It's all about researching the trends of the media, and learning to do primary research. My teachers goal is that one day one of us will be able to publish a book on some type of research. One that future people will be citing. I have to come up with an idea to research. Any suggestions??? I am thinking maybe the affect that music has on people? I know I have to narrow it down a little bit, but that is where I was starting. Someone in my class is thinking about doing the affect that the media has on LDS women and eating disorders. Interesting.

So I bet you are all wondering if anything interesting has happened yet???? Well Sunday afternoon my roommate Ashlie and I were sitting on the sofa watching tv and talking. She opened the door and the apartment across the hall was open. We could see this person sprawled out across the sofa and they had a fake FOOT!!! Woah. Ok so we were slightly freaking out. Ashlie asked if I thought it was a girl or guy? It definitely looked like a guys foot! So, she decided to go check the mail to see his face. (Yes, we will probably burn for this story. :) ) Well of course the guy noticed her staring at him. Anyways, Ashlie left for a Relief Society meeting and I was home alone when our door bell went off. I opened it and it was the guy. He asked if a blond chick lived in my apartment. Of course, all of my roommates except one has blond hair. So he said that he noticed her checking him out from across the hall and thought she was really cute, and wanted to leave her a message. I of course had to glance down to see his foot. haha. Anyways. We started talking and he seemed pretty nice, in a goofy way. When he was getting ready to leave he was like can I do anything for you? Before I knew what was happening he had grabbed my phone and put his number in and took my number. and was like "I am so excited!! I came to meet someone that is really cute and I found another cool friend too!" haha!! It was so random and funny. When Ashlie got home we were hysterical!!! it was so so funny. I had to text him later and tell him she was kind of dating someone. Which she isn't. It was sad. :( Oh well. That is the craziest thing that has happened thus far. I will keep y'all up to date. haha

Anyways, I am going to hike R Mountain today. Wish me luck. :) :) I will send pictures of it. Love you all bunches and bunches and keep me updated on how everyone is doing.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Day of School

Today is the first day of my last semester of college. Wow. I don't know what to say. In a way this day could not have come fast enough, and in another way I cant believe it is already here. I am way excited for what the future holds. My roommates that I have met thus far seem really cool. I like them. Its good to be back and see all of my old friends again. I am loving it. :) :) I dont like being far away from home, but I guess I will live. Supposedly great things are going to happen for me this semester. hahaha Thanks, President Garrett, Mom and Tracy. :)