Thursday, October 22, 2009

Temple Days

So this past week has been pretty hectic. I had a job interview. Did not get the job. My grandma, sister and nephew all visited the hospital. Craziness. However, Tuesday morning I was able to get up and go to the temple with my roommate Andreea. The weather has been pretty nice so far. I am enjoying it. I love fall! It is so beautiful. The reds, yellows, oranges. The colors are so vibrant. You definitely dont see these colors in the south. So I got some amazing shots of the temple this weekend. I am hoping to get some more next weekend. But we will see. :)

I love the red and orange trees... :)

I love it! :) :) The Idaho Falls temple is amazing! :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pictures actually.

Dear Blog. I thought I would update you today. I havent been the best blogger, but with my sister the only one following you. I figure It will be ok for now. LIFE is crazy. :) I have had many amazing and wonderful opportunities lately. I have realized that I need to take each day as its own, and have faith in our Savior. :) He is amazing. I am really enjoying this semester. It has been busy, fun, stressful, and amazing.

So this week. I totally got bells palsy again. For those.... Um wait my sister is the only one that reads this, but anyways its a paralysis of the facial muscles.. Here is an amazing picture. Dont judge. Its late at night and I am tired.

So... As you can see Half my smile is closed. Boo. It was worse than this. thanks to some b12 and some good medicine it is slowly getting better. The doctor was talking about doing an MRI... $2000. Um no thanks. I will settle for a shot and some meds.

Today has not been very productive. I took a test, worked in a group and went to a soccer game for my FHE brother. Instead of taking lots of pictures of the game. I took them of people around me. Sad day... Oh well, Here is my favorite picture.

These girls were rockin some boots out. I loved it. They totally went with the tights and shirts too??? Um no. But I liked the boots nonetheless. :)