Friday, October 31, 2008

First off Happy Halloween!!!! Second off... Ok.. SO I officially suck at Blogging. What the heck? You would think it would be easy. So.. what is new in my life? Well... The semester is almost finished. Thank goodness.. It has been such a long semester. 18 credits is enough to kill someone, but I am ready to graduate. My roommates and I are getting along well. We've had a few ups and downs throughtout the semester. Heidi ended up with Appendicitis. That was an adventure. Kailee and Bianca are basically engaged. Shareece, gave up her title as Mrs. Teen Idaho last weekend, and Subi is sick right now. Sad day! I am getting excited for my internship this winter with Bay-Waveland School District. Im mainly just excited to go home for a while. :) Im ready for Thanksgiving too.. Spaghetti Bake here I come!! haha j/k sister! I know you will cook me some other yummy foods too. Im going to Tracy's for Thanksgiving this year! I am way excited. I definitely do not want to stay in Rexburg, ID for the best day of the year... TURKEY DAY! So my computer is finally fixed as you can see. I lost everything off of it. Which makes me upset. All my pictures, files etc. Yet, I still have a computer. It was weird not having it for two weeks, but its funny now because I am ok without it. I dont use it as much as I used too. Gas is going down as well. That is a good thing!! It makes me wish I were leaving to come home now. Im just nervous it will go up again before I come home. Oh well! Anyways... I better get finished with some homework. I will post pictures up later. I keep saying that but I really will. I lost all my pictures so I have to start over new. Anyways Love y'all bunches.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Life as it comes

Hello Family and Friends...
Well, as usual school is going great! I am enjoying each class I have, and trying to apply all of my abilities, strength and time into learning more each day. I am learning so much and gaining such valuable experiences to help me throughout life. My roommates are absolutely amazing girls. They are fabulous. I will post a picture of them up here hopefully this week. My roommate Shareece is not in town right now, but when she gets back we definitely plan on taking some pictures. Shareece is my roommate that is Miss Teen Idaho for 2008. She left Friday to go give her farewell speech for her title. I know you will probably be thinking, "oh my goodness... How is Stephanie living with a pageant girl?" No! She is amazing and so down to earth. Kailee is my room roommate. She is awesome too. Way down to earth. Her boyfriend is back home in Orem/Provo area. She plans on being gone a couple weekends of the semester, so for some time I will have my own room! I went on a retreat for Student Ambassadors this weekend. I have to say it was one of the most amazing things I have done in a long time. We had the opportunity to go the Mesa Falls and partake of a spiritual thought overlooking the waterfalls. It was amazing we talked about why we joined the student ambassador team. I realized how much I love this institution. Each of us in that program have such unique stories of how we came to BYU-I and why we joined the ambassador program. It was amazing to see Heavenly Fathers hand in each of our lives. We stayed at a place called Mafia cabin. BYU-I owns mafia cabin. However, there is a long story behind it. It was originally owned by a plastic surgeon from California. He would do plastic surgeon on Mafia members and let them recuperate in this cabin. The cabin is located in Island Park an hour north of the school. It is all just rumors, but I just want you to know that it is so scary there!! They even have trap doors and hidden hideaways. Pretty amazing! I didn't even have phone service there! The neighbors even say that at all hours of the night they could see helicopters and black limousines coming in and out of the property. It was amazing though. We also woke up this morning and took a ride up a mountain. The scariest drive ever! yes I was riding on the outside edge of the van. The side where it looked like we were going to pivot of the side of the mountain if we went two feet further! SCARY! When we got to the top it was so beautiful. It was like 10 degrees, but it was amazing! I could see for miles. We were also only 15 miles away from yellowstone which made me so mad that I didnt get to go there! Grrr.. We also talked about the spirit of Ricks here on campus. It was interesting to discuss with fellow peers the significance of how we are taught to apply the gospel and Jesus Christ in our life no matter what social setting we are in. It was also pointed out the importance of remembrance. I think It was President Benson that said the most important word in the English language was remember. Anyways, I miss you all and Love you bunches. I am going to bed now... I will post pictures tomorrow..

Friday, September 12, 2008

First Week of School

Hey Everyone!
I miss you guys so much! Ok, so yes I have been a tad bit homesick, but it is definitely getting better! My roommates are pretty much amazing!! I love them to death already. We already have decided to start having family prayer and sunday dinner together. We also are all going to the movies and shopping together next weekend! haha We all goof off and joke around and pretty much never get our homework done until around midnight! I really need to learn to crack down on that! Which is what I will be doing this weekend! I hope everything is ok down there! We have all been watching the news. I think Ike turned out to be larger than anyone expected! Pretty scary! I love all of my classes. They are wonderful. I am taking a journalism class that is pretty much amazing! It teaches the difference between normal english writing and journalism! I think I prefer journalism over normal writing! Much easier and way more laid back! Now I understand why Robin loves to write so much! I am also taking an advanced visual media class. It just teaches more design principles. I will be doing a podcast and making my own website. I am way excited about that. Book of Mormon 2 is amazing! I was so scared because when I printed my syllabus it was 10 pages long. I pretty much freaked out. However, my teacher is amazing! He loves the Gospel so much and its hard not to love the class when he is teaching! I am also in Intro to Public relations. It is pretty awesome so far. It just teaches the principles of PR and what we will be doing, and we do case studies on past media situations that have occured and what we can learn from their PR teams. We have currently talked about Martha Stewarts scandal and the Tylenol inccidents that happened a decasde ago. Pretty interesting how each person handles their circumstances! We also subscribe to the newspaper here and have to stay up to date with the news that is happening around us. My favorite class so far is Mass Media! Amazing class! It is just based on media today. How we receive it, what media is important, how it has progressed! I love it! I even subscribed to podcasts on I-tunes! I get the news on my MP3 player now. I love it! You can even subscribe to spanish and they teach you how to speak spanish. You can download it to your MP3 player and listen to it all day, or you can listen to it on your computer! School has kept me pretty busy, but Rachel and I have started talking about going to the temple again. I think we are going to try to go on Thursdays. I am excited for that. Church is awesome! I love my ward. I also love the student ambassador program I was accepted into! It is amazing and awesome! I am going on a retreat with them next weekend. I cannot wait for that. I only know like 2 people in the program, but it is a great way to meet knew people! Anyways I better get to my next class I will try to keep my blog updated at least once a week! I will email you guys when I do. I miss all of you and I will put pictures up of my roommates soon!