Saturday, September 20, 2008

Life as it comes

Hello Family and Friends...
Well, as usual school is going great! I am enjoying each class I have, and trying to apply all of my abilities, strength and time into learning more each day. I am learning so much and gaining such valuable experiences to help me throughout life. My roommates are absolutely amazing girls. They are fabulous. I will post a picture of them up here hopefully this week. My roommate Shareece is not in town right now, but when she gets back we definitely plan on taking some pictures. Shareece is my roommate that is Miss Teen Idaho for 2008. She left Friday to go give her farewell speech for her title. I know you will probably be thinking, "oh my goodness... How is Stephanie living with a pageant girl?" No! She is amazing and so down to earth. Kailee is my room roommate. She is awesome too. Way down to earth. Her boyfriend is back home in Orem/Provo area. She plans on being gone a couple weekends of the semester, so for some time I will have my own room! I went on a retreat for Student Ambassadors this weekend. I have to say it was one of the most amazing things I have done in a long time. We had the opportunity to go the Mesa Falls and partake of a spiritual thought overlooking the waterfalls. It was amazing we talked about why we joined the student ambassador team. I realized how much I love this institution. Each of us in that program have such unique stories of how we came to BYU-I and why we joined the ambassador program. It was amazing to see Heavenly Fathers hand in each of our lives. We stayed at a place called Mafia cabin. BYU-I owns mafia cabin. However, there is a long story behind it. It was originally owned by a plastic surgeon from California. He would do plastic surgeon on Mafia members and let them recuperate in this cabin. The cabin is located in Island Park an hour north of the school. It is all just rumors, but I just want you to know that it is so scary there!! They even have trap doors and hidden hideaways. Pretty amazing! I didn't even have phone service there! The neighbors even say that at all hours of the night they could see helicopters and black limousines coming in and out of the property. It was amazing though. We also woke up this morning and took a ride up a mountain. The scariest drive ever! yes I was riding on the outside edge of the van. The side where it looked like we were going to pivot of the side of the mountain if we went two feet further! SCARY! When we got to the top it was so beautiful. It was like 10 degrees, but it was amazing! I could see for miles. We were also only 15 miles away from yellowstone which made me so mad that I didnt get to go there! Grrr.. We also talked about the spirit of Ricks here on campus. It was interesting to discuss with fellow peers the significance of how we are taught to apply the gospel and Jesus Christ in our life no matter what social setting we are in. It was also pointed out the importance of remembrance. I think It was President Benson that said the most important word in the English language was remember. Anyways, I miss you all and Love you bunches. I am going to bed now... I will post pictures tomorrow..

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The Shields Family said...

Ok so you said you would post pictures tomorrow and you havn't posted any!! :-( POST PICTURES STEPHY!! haha...luv ya!!