Friday, October 31, 2008

First off Happy Halloween!!!! Second off... Ok.. SO I officially suck at Blogging. What the heck? You would think it would be easy. So.. what is new in my life? Well... The semester is almost finished. Thank goodness.. It has been such a long semester. 18 credits is enough to kill someone, but I am ready to graduate. My roommates and I are getting along well. We've had a few ups and downs throughtout the semester. Heidi ended up with Appendicitis. That was an adventure. Kailee and Bianca are basically engaged. Shareece, gave up her title as Mrs. Teen Idaho last weekend, and Subi is sick right now. Sad day! I am getting excited for my internship this winter with Bay-Waveland School District. Im mainly just excited to go home for a while. :) Im ready for Thanksgiving too.. Spaghetti Bake here I come!! haha j/k sister! I know you will cook me some other yummy foods too. Im going to Tracy's for Thanksgiving this year! I am way excited. I definitely do not want to stay in Rexburg, ID for the best day of the year... TURKEY DAY! So my computer is finally fixed as you can see. I lost everything off of it. Which makes me upset. All my pictures, files etc. Yet, I still have a computer. It was weird not having it for two weeks, but its funny now because I am ok without it. I dont use it as much as I used too. Gas is going down as well. That is a good thing!! It makes me wish I were leaving to come home now. Im just nervous it will go up again before I come home. Oh well! Anyways... I better get finished with some homework. I will post pictures up later. I keep saying that but I really will. I lost all my pictures so I have to start over new. Anyways Love y'all bunches.

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The Shields Family.... said...

Hey if you are not careful You will not get any spaghetti bake!!